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香港男按摩師 –女士Aromatherapy Massage 香薰按摩 特設女士專區 著重私隱 - 預約春夏精選按摩 單次收費香港男技師

提供更極致紓壓精油按摩身體護理療程,全面煥發你的身心。 地中海風大地色系佐敦按摩店推介,提供暖宮、淋巴排毒及香薰按摩等療程

Foot Massage 足道反射按摩

舒解久站久行後雙腿的疲勞。從傳統中醫角度,刺激腳底相對穴道,更有助五臟六腑健康 ,令你全日疲勞壓力盡消之餘,更可固本培元。Rub away those tiring feet after a long day walking in a comfortable chair with a herbal tea, soothing music and reading materials.

Back and Shoulder Massage 肩背按摩


This is a massage to relieve stress-related tension in the back and shoulder area. Gentle acupressure is applied to restore a sense of serenity to your day.

Traditional Body Massage 傳統指壓按摩

以傳統中國穴位手法有助舒緩身體痛症、疏通經絡、促進血液循環、刺激穴道 。更能使身體分泌內啡肽:有安神、舒緩精神緊張作用。A traditional oriental technique with a moderate to strong touch on the body pressure points to stimulate and restore balance to the body by releasing blockages along the energy pathways. Relieves tension and stress and promotes overall well being.

Body Massage with Oil 全身推背 / 推油按摩


This is our signature treatment with a pure base massage oil. The strokes involve soothing hands movement and foot movement over the back body. Intensive spinal pressures help to rebalance the nervous system as deep healing massage soothes back, neck and shoulders and foot reflexes.

Aromatherapy Massage 香薰按摩

採用高質純按摩油,再混合TEGODER 天然香薰精油,多種香薰精油各有功效,任君選擇。配合專業獨家按摩手法可放鬆肌肉,促進血液和淋巴循環有助放鬆心情。

This superb massage starts with selecting a blended massage oil to suit your needs. The strokes involve soothing hands movement which works into the muscle and soft tissue to induce relief from stress and tension. Strength can be varied to your maximum comfort.

Lymphatic Massage 淋巴排毒按摩


This massage uses a very light pressure combined with soft pumping movements in the direction of the lymph nodes. Immune system functions are significantly increased, improving metabolism and helping the body to eliminate waster and toxins. As with most massages, it is vital to drink lots of water after a lymphatic massage to flush away toxins that have been released.


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